Who decides what spaces should be hospitable and to whom?
How do we make spaces hospitable to humans, plants and animals?

Examples of Bristol’s work:

What does nature mean to me?

How can children from diverse backgrounds communicate their connection with nature and biodiversity through art? In what ways are nature-based spaces important for children’s wellbeing? What are the diverse experiences of nature that children across the city experience? Learn more about this Brigstow project.

Creating hospitable environments – growth on the (de)Bordering plots

Read an MMB Blog ‘Creating hospitable environments’ where Paul Hurley and Charli Clark explore what it means to create hostile and hospitable environments – for migratory humans and nonhumans. The result was the establishment of these two plots and structures in Royal Fort Gardens at the University of Bristol that you may well be standing in now! Also listen to Charli talk about how they developed multispecies planting design and habitat creation.