In order to be ‘invasive’ do you need to be from alien lands?
For some it is crucial to make the native/alien distinction by thinking about whether the organism was introduced by human beings. So does it make a difference if a seed moves by being attached to a bird’s wing or a ship’s hull?
What happens when it is human’s invading animal lives?

Examples of Bristol’s work:

Invasive Others: Plants? People? Pathogens?

Video conversation between Dr Miriam Ticktin from The New School for Social Research and Professor Bridget Anderson, Director of Migration Mobilities Bristol.

Space for Seals

It is increasingly recognised that human health and wellbeing can be fostered through encounters with the natural world and wildlife. However, what happens when humans are the invaders? There can be a conflict between the human desire to observe and interact with seals, the conservation of the species, individual seal welfare and the economy of which they are a part. Read more about this Brigstow project.