Who’s involved?

Charli Clark

Charli is an environmental artist, beekeeper and gardener

Dr Paul Hurley

Paul is a transdisciplinary artist-researcher experienced at creating imaginative and engaging participatory projects.

Dr Nariman Massoumi

Film and Television, University of Bristol.

Nariman is a practice-as-research filmmaker focused on family documentary, autoethnography and displacement. He is the coordinator of the research strand ‘Imagination, Belonging, Futures’ of Migration Mobilities Bristol.

Prof Katharine Charsley

Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol.

Katharine specialises in marriage-related migration, questioning the assumption of negative impacts on integration from spousal immigration.

Prof Bridget Anderson

Sociology, Politics and International Studies, and Migration Mobilities Institute

Bridget’s research focusses on how to think and act in non-national ways about mobility and migration and uncovering the shared interests between citizens and migrants that these categorisations work to hide. Bridget has worked closely with migrant organisations, trade unions and legal practitioners.