Late Light

Late Light is the story of Michael Malay’s own journey, an Indonesian Australian making a home for himself in England and finding strange parallels between his life and the lives of the animals he examines. Michael considers migration, belonging and extinction through the close examination of four particular ‘unloved’ animals – eels, moths, crickets and mussels. Read more about this book project >

Book cover image of 'Late Light'

Echoes of the Port

Image of transport in Avonmouth Docks

What cultural possibilities opened up by the arrival of 5G technology? How can technology bring to life the multilingual history of the Bristol city docks? Read more about this Brigstow seed funded project – Echoes of the Port

Temperature of Life

All our journeys are different, as we all have unique perspectives. For instance what causes us to experience temperatures differently? How can researchers facilitate an exploration of human experience of rising temperatures? View the online exhibition supported by Brigstow.

Image of a fan blowing across a landscape