What does pathway in relation to migration make you think?
Does is signify the journey, a stage in a process or the route to a new life?
Have you thought about how pathways can be eased or blocked or how for some the pathway just goes on and on…?

Examples of Bristol’s work:

Walking and Re-Creation

Read a Brigstow blog ‘Walking down Ladies Mile’ by Eleanor Rycroft, a Historian of walking & theatre. She documented a women-led night walk, taking a route that is historically associated with sex-work, connecting the walk, and its participants, to a lineage of night-walking women.

IDs for Rohingyas: Pathways to Citizenship or Instruments of Genocide?

Read a blog post by Natalie Brinham (ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellow) working with MMB and the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies. Her research project is titled ‘IDs for Rohingyas: Pathways to Citizenship or Instruments of Genocide?’ Read more about Natalie’s work.

Artist Paul Hurley talks about the creation of the (de)bordering plots, on the inspiration of the structural design and on its potential habitation.