Examples of Bristol’s work:

Roots and routes: debating indigenous rights in twentieth-century Latin America

Read a blog by  Professor Jo Crow, MMB Associate Director on her recent book Itinerant Ideas (2022) explores the multiple meanings and languages of indigeneity (Merlan, 2009) circulating across borders in early twentieth-century Latin America.

Image of book cover 'Itinerant ideas'

Plants as Research Partners

Image of building called 'Martian House'

Can plants participate in Brigstow’s mission to co-produce knowledge? The Institute’s research into living well involves diverse groups from academia and beyond, each bringing their own experiences and histories to bear as values and ideas mingle. In our project, Growing Liveable Worlds, one of our goals was to experiment by inviting plants into the Brigstow family. Read more >

Peasant Farmers

How does the concept of Peasant Popular Feminism influence socio-political roles within regional peasant organisations? How does it support women farmers in agroecological transitions? And how does it connect to peace-building? Visit the project page to learn more >

Image of farmer picking fruit